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 Our first PSN HC Leauge First Match

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PostSubject: Our first PSN HC Leauge First Match   Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:18 am

Part 1:http://www.wegame.com/watch/ef-vs-uti-4/
Part 2:http://www.wegame.com/watch/ef-vs-uti-2/
Part 3:http://www.wegame.com/watch/ef-vs-uti-5/
Part 4:http://www.wegame.com/watch/ef-vs-uti-3/
Part 5:http://www.wegame.com/watch/ef-vs-uti/

Everyone did good and Pest had an EPIC 1v3 clutch at the winning round.
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Our first PSN HC Leauge First Match
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