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----------Welcome to Effortless Gaming where only the best come to play. If you are here to apply go to the Recruitment section in the General Section, but first you need to Register. ForFAQ.
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 New member application

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Maple Syrup

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PostSubject: New member application   Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:43 pm

We are looking for mature players that will be a great asset to our rosters as well as players who are here to become the best, not only as a player but as a team.

Most recruits will undergo a 1 week probational period. Current members, officers, and leaders will take their time to evaluate a new recruit's application.

Notice of acceptance will be posted on the recruit's application.

Upon Acceptance you will be asked to join our Steam Group

Thank you for your interest in Effortless Gaming.

Please use this format for your application:

Ingame Name:
Steam Username (Name you use to login to steam acc.):
SteamID (this is a number!!):
MW3 or BF3:
Previous Teams/Clans:
Unique SKills (Photoshop, Video Editing, Website Building, Etc.):
Any other PC Games?:
Do you have ventrilo?** (req.)(get it at www.ventrilo.com):
Do you have a mic?** (req.):
Do you have league/ladder experince?:
Hardcore or Softcore?:
Would you buy any of the Map packs for MW3?:
How did you discover Effortless gaming:
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New member application
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